Decluttering 2.0

I’ve made some headway on my decluttering. I now have my desk set up with my bills, correspondence, laptop, journal, and the current writing books that I’m reading. Though there are some knick-knacks there, for ME the empty space is amazing and I stared at it in wonder because it looks “empty” even though it’s not.

The empty space is making me rethink how I organize my room. I’m not used to empty space, I’ve always had every corner filled, every flat space covered, and even the floor isn’t immune when I wanted to store things. When something is “empty”, I just have the urge to put something there and cover it up.

Before I had to completely reorganize everything because of the remodel, I had a bout where I was slowly trying to reclaim the empty space in my room. I couldn’t stand the emptiness, so I took large sheets of paper, wrote “empty space” on them, and placed them in the parts of my room where I managed to clear the clutter. The signs kept the spaces from being “empty” and driving me up the wall and reminded me not to reclutter them with other things.

I’m wondering if I’m going to have to do something similar. If this emptiness on the desk bothers me, what about the large spaces between my bed and the walls? What about the flat spaces on my furniture?

So, I’m continuing to take this decluttering slow. I couldn’t handle it if it was done too fast, before I could get used to the empty space.



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