The organizing book I’m using suggests to organize books by size. So, my books are neatly stacked in piles, waiting for me to find space to put them all away. I would like to to weed some of them out, but I don’t have the space to sort them by type and see the redundancies. I decided to read them by size, so I could go through them one pile at a time and not declutter something that I wanted to read first.

I’m reading the mass market paperbacks first. They’re the shortest, and there’s so many of them that it will save a considerable amount of space if a lot of them could go.

The first book in this endeavor is the Last of the Mohicans. It’s challenging, partially because of the vocabulary and partially because I find the characters stupid and inane. :-/  I’m trying to accept that strong character development wasn’t a big issue then like it is now, that action and adventure were enough to carry a novel along and make it popular (similar with action movies now…..), but it’s still something that bothers me because after a while the action cliches wear themselves out and there isn’t anything of substance left.

It also bothers me that against my piles of books, my analysis of this one book doesn’t really make a difference. Even if I’ve got over my annoyance and read it (and maybe found something redeemable in it), I’ll still have a large pile of books to sort through, and maybe one of them will probably will annoy me just as much Mohicans does.

I think any other person would chuck Mohicans in the donate/trash pile easily, but in the cult I grew up in all classics (especially ones with no vulgarity and sex) were good books and if you didn’t like them then there was something wrong with you and you needed to read more into the text to get at least something out of it. I still have that mentality, even though I’ve left the cult.

So, I’ll probably try to finish Mohicans. It will definitely not be put in my re-read pile, so I can get rid of it then.


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