We got 14 inches of snow today. I was humming “I’m dreaming of a white Halloween” to myself all day as the snow fell.

I went outside and rescued some potted plants, putting them in the basement where they could dry out without dripping water on anything important.

But it was hard choosing which plants to save. I love them all, but as I stood staring at them I kept imagining how much work they would need to care for them all when I already have so many houseplants. So I grabbed my hens & chicks, another succulent, my lily, and my geranium. It hurt leaving the rest outside to die.

But I read somewhere that Autumn and Winter are seasons of rest in nature. Perhaps it’s obvious to most people, but as I was staring at my plants it made me think that leaving them there was a period of rest for me. I can relax and focus on other projects and rebuy many of those plants again next spring.

And it reminded me that I have a hard time letting things go. I put hours of work into my plants and leaving them outside makes me feel like a quitter. (Even though most of them were annuals and would have died anyway.) I have this problem with many projects; I refuse to give up on things, investing more and more time while it gets harder and harder for me to quit.

Resting isn’t something I do well. I’ve read only one book in the last three months. I’m normally a great reader, and I’ve been mentally abusing myself for my lack of reading effort and “laziness”. I was inside and outside, working with my plants and reading up about them. But now that the weather is cold, I want to curl up in the bathtub with my favorite doesn’t-matter-if-gets-wet-paperback and lounge there for hours while the world freezes away.

And it took a freak snowstorm to remind me that I need a break. That things have their seasons for a reason and that it’s okay for me to change. I don’t have to like or do things all the time for me to enjoy them and I’m not a quitter for choosing to do something else with my time.


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