The whole house (except my Father’s man-cave) has been getting repainted. It’s been hard to move everything away from the walls, try to eat while there’s a strong smell of paint in the air, and generally live life amidst piles of stuff that can’t be put away.

I have a LOT of stuff and it took me 6+ hours to move everything away from the walls of my bedroom. Right now it’s still there because I can’t move furniture until I vacuum the floor.

Seeing how much stuff I have though has been making me feel overwhelmed about sorting through things, putting things away, and figuring out where I want my furniture to go back to. I’m an ISTJ, so it’s really hard for me to live without planning things to the most minute detail. My room is too much, I just stare and can’t focus on getting it back together. So, I bought a book. I like this particular book because it makes a few references to the psychology of clutter, but it’s just at the beginning. The rest of the book is mainly lists on decluttering/organizing specific areas of your life. I thought if I can’t think of a plan on my own then I’ll buy a pre-made one.

I’ve started to get all my papers in some sort of order, but I need to buy a new file-box, so that’s been put on hold. I am a bit worried because some of my personal documents went missing during the reorganization and I have no idea where they went. I hope they turn up within the next couple weeks.

Now I’m trying to get all of my craft stuff together. It was scattered in various places around the house and putting it all in one piles is making me see how much there is of it. :-/  I don’t want to throw things away (craft supplies are expensive!), but hopefully I can consolidate some things and have a smaller space-footprint.

Decluttering is hard for me. It’s hard for me to focus on one area at a time when my room is in such disaray, even though I know that I will get to everything eventually and that I don’t have to do it all at once. I just try not to look at it when I’m in my room and pretend it’s not there.


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