SCD: Day 5

I have cheated a little bit. A couple cookies here and there, a gumdrop of my favorite Halloween Candy (Bat Dots), some bacon and  other small things I can’t remember. But considering how much I can eat and how much of a sweet tooth I have, I think I’ve done well.

The biggest hurdle thus far is that I’m the only person doing SCD and people keep leaving their cookies and sweets on the counter and putting their illegal left-overs in the fridge. I constantly have to look at food I can’t eat.

Another difficulty is actually eating ENOUGH food. Now that starches are gone, I’m eating a lot more less-calorie-dense foods like apples, salads (with no dressing), and lean meats. My housemate jokes that I’m always eating, even though I’ve dropped a few pounds. When I’m full from dinner, I leave any leftovers on the counter and eat them a few hours later because I’m hungry again.

I am feeling better.


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